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The Core Master is a unique fitness product developed using science and engineering to work your core more intensely than anything you have ever done before.

The instability of the Core Master forces your whole core to stay engaged, going far beyond the benefits of a standard plank or balance board.  


The Core Master exercises are both isometric and dynamic, not only working all the layers of the core, but every muscle in the body simultaneously, which makes it a great cardiovascular and fat burning workout.   

Conventional core exercises are made virtually obsolete due to the Core Master’s ability to multiply the intensity of the exercise. It also works your whole body including shoulders, triceps and biceps as a press up on the Core Master is many times more beneficial than a regular one.  

There is nothing to match the workout you will get from using the Core Master and it will keep you coming back for more, to hold that position longer and to push yourself harder.


Dean Varga, Personal Trainer & inventor of the Core Master, explains how he came up with the idea:


“After extensive research, I realised that the best way to work the deep core was to add some instability to exercises by planking on a balance board.


In 2016, I developed the 1st Core Master prototype. A wooden balance board with a small centrally located ball. However, I soon realised that this ball needed to be bigger and the board more lightweight.


I then made a clear perspex version with a larger ball which allowed for a much better balancing aspect. I added fixed handles to the next prototype, and then detachable handles.

This worked incredibly well, and I set about trialling the Core Master on my PT clients.


Unlike any other fitness equipment you can balance on, the Core Master adds a movement element to a deep balancing plank.


This is what makes the Core Master so unique.”

Building Strength, Stamina & Stability

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