The Core Master is the first fitness product that works the outer, middle and deep inner core muscles…. all at once. Due to the engineered registered design of the Core Master, it works better than anything similar on the market.


With over 100 different exercise variations, Core Master is suitable for all levels, from complete beginner to elite athlete.


The Core Master is a balance board with a centrally located ball which allows the user to roll, tilt and rotate the deck and plank whilst balancing and moving simultaneously through a library of traditional and exclusive exercises. 

Core Master exercises are both isometric and dynamic, not only working all the layers of the core, but every muscle in the body simultaneously.

The Core Master works not just your abs but your WHOLE core from inside out:


Planking works the middle core TVA (Transverse Abdominis) also muscles in the back, glutes, legs and arms.


Balancing, whilst planking on the Core Master, also works the deepest core muscles in and around the spine. This will increase your spinal strength and stability. This plays a major role in preventing and treating spinal injuries, making the Core Master ideal for physiotherapy and sports therapy.


Moving forward and backwards, whilst balancing and planking on the Core Master, flexes and extends the outer six-pack abdominal and back muscles. This is like doing sit ups/crunches and back extension exercises, therefore working those visible muscles too!

The sense of instability and movement the Core Master creates, forces your whole core to stay engaged, going far beyond the benefits of a standard plank or balance board.


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"The Core Master gives users the most intense at-home core workout yet. You won’t just work all the different layers of your core, but every muscle in your body."
Evening Standard

"It looks deceptively simple but the Core Master is a stroke of genius."
Healthy Magazine 



Marvin is a television presenter, and health & fitness professional working in the fitness industry for a number of years.


Marvin's aim is helping people become the best versions of themselves both physically and mentally.

His own series on Sky called ‘Fit In 5’ has had over 5 million downloads and has featured 

Melanie Sykes, Kirsty Gallacher, Sarah-Jane Mee, Lisa Snowdon, Gethin Jones and Kelly Brook.

“It’s not often you use a product that does exactly what it advertises, the Core Master is a GAME-CHANGER, it’s a great start for someone who is new to fitness and a challenge to regular gym users. 


I’m so excited to be part of an evolution of what is going to be the industry standard in every gym and Personal Trainers hands in the world” 

Honey found her passion for fitness when training in musical theatre at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. After graduating she trained to become a personal trainer and hasn't looked back. 

Honey started working at her local gym before getting ​her dream job at Barrys. She is a sucker for technique and finding and strengthening the foundations to lift heavier in a safe manner.

"I am so excited to be part of the Core Master brand due to it being such a great addition to the fitness industry. It creates such a great core foundation whilst being exciting to use and a challenge to overcome. 

A strong core means a strong physique, strong foundations and strong mind, which is everything that I stand for."

Dean is a personal trainer with a unique vision. Driven by a passion for wellbeing of body and mind, his background in engineering allows him to combine the workings of the body with the equipment he uses to help clients achieve their goals.

Dean invented the Core Master, a unique and effective piece of equipment designed to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles.

As designer and inventor of the Core Master, Dean ensures that the body works perfectly in sync with the machinery it uses.

“The Core Master not only works the core better than I’d ever imagined... it works the WHOLE BODY, gets the heart rate up and burns fat all at once!

It strengthens from the deep core muscles through to the outer six pack abdominals ALL AT ONCE!”